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Design and manufacturing of electronic equipment. We make your project come true.

We create a product from an idea or a propotype. PROMAX INNOVATION is a company capable of design, produce and assembly an electronic product ready for the market.

I am interested. I want PROMAX INNOVATION to develop a tailored electronic device. »

How a tailored electronic device is created

PROMAX INNOVATION integrates all departments involved in the design, testing, optimization and manufacturing of equipment. No subcontractors: the customer has direct information on the production process.

The process to design and manufacture a customized electronic device
  • Electrical and electronic design. Out R+D engineering teams build a system matching the conceptual designs supplied by the customer.
  • Mechanical design. Alongside the electronic boards are developed, out CAD deparment design the external appearance of the product.
  • Software and firmware. Software engineers develop the user interfaces and the programming of integrated circuits matching the features required by the customer.
  • Printed circuit boards assembly. We assembly your PCB boards in our facilities. A white room with controlled atmosphere ensures the maximum manufacturin quality with SMD technology.
  • Equipment assembly in our own production chain.
  • Assistance. We help you to choose the electronic parts provider matching your quality/price requirements. Our experience allows you to choose different kind of materials for the final look of your products: From ABS plastic up to light metal such as aluminium. We adjust costs to match your needs.

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