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Electronic assemblies: Design and production

We develop electronic designs on demand. From the very initial conceptual stages provided by the customer up to the electronic circuit board PCB manufacturing. Qualified R+D electronic engineering teams design the electronic prototypes that will meet or improve the requirements provided by the customer. CAD/CAM design team, working together with SMD assembly technicians, produce the final electronic board.

PROMAX INNOVATION offers an assembly SMD service tailored to the customer design. We develop projects with technology with CAD/CAM board designing technology, SMD parts assembly of up to 0201 "and deep optical and electronic controls of the electronic circuits to guarantee the highest quality of manufacture.

We have capacity of assembly of multilayered printed circuit boards, FPGA, BGA, etc with possibility of production of small, medium and large series.

The assembly of custom PCB boards for our customers is performed in a 10.000-class clean room or white room under a permanently controlled and monitored environment.

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Electronic circuits assembly outsourcing

At PROMAX INNOVATION we do more than just an electronic prototype. The high production capacity of our SMD manufacturing department allows the assembly of the tailored boards in small, medium and large series.

R+D services for all industrial sectors

PROMAX INNOVATION design, development and SMD manufacturing processes can fill any environment and industrial requirement. Among our customer portfolio we can find companies in areas such as:

  • Electromedicine
  • Automotion
  • Aerospace
  • Militar
  • Home automation
  • Optics and Telecommunications
  • Civil infrastructures
    • Smart Cities
    • Green energy
    • Efficient energy management
    • Signaling
  • Robotics
  • Production chains
  • Start-up companies. Guidance and counselling to technological entrepeneurs.

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Why a clean room?

There is a continuous evolution towards integration of smaller components such as BGAs, fine-pitch, 0201 … In these cases a simple speck of dust in a weld can cause a defective printed circuit board. In order to avoid these risks, it is a must to produce in a clean room under controlled pressure, temperature and humidity conditions and with strict norms to warrant the cleanness of the environment.

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Feature list of PROMAX INNOVATION clean room facilities

  • Conductive soil to avoid sparks.
  • Production according to EU 2011/65.
  • The personnel must dress special clothes and conductive shoes.
  • Automatic control of temperature, humidity and particles in suspension.
  • Pressurized air to guarantee the isolation from external air.
  • 9 independent control stages oven that diminishes the thermal stress of the components.
  • Optical printed circuit board test.
  • X-ray inspection.
  • Computer controlled stock of components.
  • The components are stored in an automated closet within the clean room.

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